WWDC 2017| Apple’s Biggest Tech Show Of The Year


Apple’s WWDC 2017 is arriving and there are a hell lot of announcements that we can’t wait to hear about directly from the horse’s mouth. There have been a lot of rumors of what is to be announced and we are super excited. This is a world event, as developers around the world tune in via blogs, websites and etc. just to know what Apple has in store for them. We also get to hear about all important hardware updates of our favorite Apple devices.


Apple will be updating all of its OS-es. This includes TV OS, iOS, Mac OS, and watch OS. This will include a slew of new features across all Apple devices and the top two to keep a look out for are iOS and MacOS. We had witnessed last year how new features in iOS changed the way we used iMessage including a lot of other brand new features being introduce in iOS. With only a few stones left unturned that point towards iOS picking up features from Android, we have got to see what Apple brings to the table.


MacBooks are said to get a processor upgrade to 7th generation. Kaby-Lake processors are the next big thing in laptops and Apple will be refreshing the hardware. There won’t be huge new design queues or anything. We are just expecting Apple to upgrade the internal hardware.

Siri Speaker

Siri speaker might be introduced and boy we can’t wait for it since it will be taking on Alexa from Amazon and Google Home. These are currently the top two smart speakers that help you operate wirelessly in your house. Siri will bring new features and new competition will surely push Google and Amazon to deliver more.


iPads will be the talk of the town and the new features may just help Apple up the ante as WWDC 2017 will set the stage. New iPads are said to have edge-to-edge displays. We might just get an idea by looking at new iPad designs as to what Apple might have in store for us when they launch the highly anticipated iPhone 8.

Siri will be playing a major role in all OS which would be proven in WWDC 2017. Voice commands are said to influence our touch commands in a very big way and eventually replace them by 80%. This is just going to be the start of a new era since Apple has been focusing on Siri and making it more powerful and smart each year.

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