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Project Scorpio, I mean Xbox One X is finally here and the beast has been unleashed. After being in its cage for quite some time now, MS has finally announced Xbox One X, also being titled as the most powerful console on the planet (and the most expensive one as well).

MS has flexed its muscles in the gaming arena and Xbox One X seems to be the heavyweight all gamers have ever dreamed of since the dawn of 4K TVs. Gaming was the only area that was left to embrace 4K. Xbox One X is so powerful that it can run native 4K games at 60fps. That is pure raw power and squeezing all that power into the smallest Xbox ever manufactured is a sheer engineering marvel.

Xbox One X embraces the same design language of Xbox One and Xbox One S. Xbox One X’s packaging is all black (only one color is announced as of yet). It seems like the base of Xbox One S has been trimmed even more to make it look even more streamlined.

There is so much going under the hood of the Xbox One X. The console is powered by a custom 8-core AMD CPU which is clocked at 2.3GHz. GPU has been bumped up to be the most powerful ever fitted in a console which is 6 teraflop clocked at 1.7GHz with 12GB DDR5 video RAM. Microsoft claims that the new Xbox will be able to play games in 4K HDR along with Dolby Atmos support (already offered by Xbox One).

Microsoft is using supersampling technology to make games look much better even in 1080p for people who don’t own a 4K TV yet. Xbox One X has a Blu Ray drive, just like the Xbox One S. This is something that even Playstation 4 Pro doesn’t have. The best part about owning the new and expensive console which will be setting you back $499 is that you will be able to use all your old accessories of Xbox 360 and Xbox One with Xbox One X. On top of all this, you won’t have to rebuild your game library, thanks to backward compatibility.

Microsoft has come up with some really cool tech and also introduced a new first for consoles. Microsoft is fitting its new Xbox-es with liquid cooled vapor chamber which will help you game for hours and hours. This has only been seen in PC gaming before but now, for the first time it has been implemented in a console. With that much power, it is inevitable for a console to function without an out-of-the-box cooling system. The only thing for Microsoft to avoid now is repeating the Red Ring of Death fiasco. This could really hamper the sales if heating issues arise. We would highly recommend our users to wait for through reviews before buying the console.

Microsoft has also made the new Xbox capable of playing VR games straight from the console. Playstation however takes some help from additional hardware but, the new Xbox can play VR games straight from the console without any additional hardware boost. Microsoft is really encapsulating every experience of gaming into one console.

Microsoft has surely brought its ‘A’ game to the table. Xbox One X has all the power that we need for 4K gaming at 60fps and it doesn’t look like the trend is going to change in the near future

Surely, a new console wouldn’t be much without epic titles and Microsoft just announced a slew of titles that would be pushing the new Xbox to full power and also give you an amazing visual experience. The supported titles announced are Forza 7, Metro: Exodus, Assassins Creed: Origins, State of Decay 2, Deep Rock Galactic, Dragonball Fighter Z and Player unknown’s battlegrounds.

Microsoft has surely brought its ‘A’ game to the table. Xbox One X has all the power that we need for 4K gaming at 60fps and it doesn’t look like the trend is going to change in the near future. The titles announced are a must have. We can’t wait to see the gaming world’s response towards the new Xbox. The price will surely hit the sales as this is the most expensive console ever to be sold and on top of that this much power needs a lot of cooling down, so real world tests are a must. PS4 Pro has passed that test and been on sale for more than a year. Playstation has also enjoyed huge success due to its exclusive content. Then again, what is a console without great titles.

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