Android Top 5 Apps Of The Week


Child Lock Launcher

Price: Free

We have all faced the time when we can’t keep the toddler away from our phone. Well now with Child Lock Launcher you won’t have to worry about keeping any eye on your little one. The launcher lets you set which apps the child can use and for how long.


Price: Free

This is another one of Google’s useful apps. Triangle is a data saving app. Although Google has built-in a data saving feature in Android but still this app has other tricks in the bag. It lets you see which apps use the most data and also allows you to set limits for individual apps.


Price: Free

The name is self-explanatory. This app lets you learn English grammar basics. We might catch one of our writers download it.

Firefox Focus

Price: Free

This app lets you browse the web without having your activity tracked. No cookies, passwords or history would be saved.


Price: Free

Grasshopper is a very useful app for people who want to learn to code. This app teaches you all the basics of coding. The app claims if you spare even 5 minutes a day, you will be able to learn all the basics of coding. Well if you see something funny on one of our webpages, that would just be me trying out the app.

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