Augmented reality is the next big thing in tech world and all major companies are working really hard towards it. This includes Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Sony, Disney and many more. So the big four of tech world are currently working on AR and cheap ways of implementing it. The biggest implementation now a days is through smartphones. Google Daydream has set out to be one of the biggest implementations of such a kind. Recently Apple has been firing up all its engines towards the development of AR and other companies have gotten in on the action. Mira has also launched mira prism that lets you mount your iPhone on the headset in order to execute its version of augmented reality.

Mira Prism is a headset which lets you interact with holographic images that are overlaid on the real world. The phone is placed away from the face of the user in such a way that the images are reflected off the clear lens. The images then give you a perception of real world with virtual objects. Mira Prism is currently backed by a lot of big investors which means the future looks good for this $100 augmented reality headset. The price is very aggressive and this makes us want it even more. iPhone users can now rejoice as it is the first time ever that they have got a HoloLens competitor, and that too at a fraction of the price.

Mira Prism can also link itself with other Mira Prism headsets so that you can play augmented reality games in multiplayer as well. You can also take a picture with shared virtual objects. The possibilities are endless and since this year Apple is going to publically announce its version of augmented reality implementation; 2017 will officially be the launch year of augmented reality.

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