Huawei Honor 9 | Breaking Flagship Stereotypes


Since Huawei launched the Honor brand, it has never seized to amaze us with its quality, features, spec sheet and design. Previously, there was a time when a mid-range phone had to be a reasonable compromise. The boundaries have now been blurred to such an extent that sometimes a mid-ranger becomes the better option. A huge part has been played in blurring those boundary lines by Huawei Honor series and the Honor 9 is no exception.

Honor, since its inception has been one of the best looking and best performing phones in the market. Honor 9 comes with specs that are bound to beat the top most flagships of yesteryear and looks that have already swept us off our feet. Heck, if we had to put it, we would call it bargain of the year.

This year’s Honor brings some welcome changes. The screen has been scaled down just by a margin to minimize the side bezels. The fingerprint scanner has been moved to the front from the back which now comes oblong shaped and resides beneath the screen. The screen is 5.15 inches, which is pretty reasonable compared to the new flagship phones that come with 5.5 inch panels. Screen panel is full HD resolution which gives a pixel density of 428 ppi.

The phone comes with Android 7.0 Nougat on top of which there is a layer of EMUI 5.1, which is pretty good to use and doesn’t cause any lags in the phone. Honor 9 uses Kirin 960 processor, the same processor which was used in Huawei Mate 9. It certainly gives the Snapdragon 821 a run for its money.

Huawei Honor 9 has two cameras. One is a 20MP module while the other is a 12MP module. There is an  8MP camera at the front. Huawei has really excelled in the camera department especially after Leica branding in its flagships. There is also dual-tone LED flash to give the best color balance for night photos. The cameras can produce depth intense photos as well by using the two cameras and they will blur out the background to give you a crisp DSLR like image.

Honor 9 gets juiced up by a 3200mAh battery. The battery is bigger than Honor 8’s which came with a 3000mAh battery. Battery is something mid-rangers have lacked but not the Huawei Honor 9. CPU throttling is also available if you just want to squeeze out those last few minutes of phone usage. This is a bad implementation as it just gives a few minutes of extra time for phone usage and not hours of it.

Honor 9 has certainly made its mark and it is a footprint hard to erase. Huawei has outdone most of the mid-range smartphones with its Honor series. The shiny sexy back and the flagship like specs give users a premium feel all while keeping the phone in range of many pockets.

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