iPhone 8 | You Just Might Have To Wait


Apple iPhone 8 will be a totally new phone after the first major revamp of the phone with the launch of iPhone 6. It will be a revolutionary phone that will change how smartphones are made, just like it happened with Apple’s previous technologies. This is exactly what is expected of Apple given its high standards and this is exactly what Apple has been doing for the past decade. This brings us to point out, the iPhone 8 will be Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone. The rumor mill is going crazy and with all the leaks it seems like Apple is taking the bull by the horns. Apple will be introducing quite a few revolutionary features in the iPhone 8.

Due to new revolutionary features, the supply for iPhone 8 will come in very limited quantities. This means we will have to stand in even longer lines than before to get our hands on the new iPhone, and that too if we get lucky, as there would be limited phones launched. This is due to the new tech Apple is implementing in its iPhone 8. Apple is introducing OLED screens in iPhone 8. OLED is by far the main ingredient of iPhone 8. OLEDs are not easy to acquire and that too in large quantities because of the scarcity of their raw materials as compared to the raw materials when producing conventional LED displays. Plus the manufacturing process is way slower than making LED displays (the ones Apple is currently using in its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus).

All this will lead to limited quantities being launched and we might get to see celebrities stand in lines to get their iPhone 8s.

Apple is also integrating the fingerprint scanner in the display which also requires a lot of sensitive work in the process flow. These highly complicated features in iPhone come at the cost of lower number of devices manufactured in a given week.

We probably want Apple to get rid of the hideous bezels as well. It seems like iPhone just stretches the phone’s shape as far as the front panel of the phone is concerned.

Overall, Apple has never stopped to amaze us with their technological advancements and this time it will be no different especially with the 10th anniversary edition coming up. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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