LG V30 | LG’s Redemption Flagship Phone With A Twist


LG V30 rumors are turning up the heat on the competition as its launch date comes closer and closer. As rumors have it, the phone would have herculean specs. LG V30 is going to be LG’s most powerful phone for the year 2017. Although the V30 will come with familiar specs as rest of the flagships of 2017 but, the design is said to have changed a whole lot. You would not have expected this kind of design and neither did we.

LG V30 is said to be the first phone by LG to support a whole new display. This includes new tech and an all new screen-to-body ratio. LG has been the pioneer for small IPS display tech in the industry. It was only IPS tech that was able to take on Samsung’s AMOLED tech for starters. This time around LG has given up that battle, and now they are going to produce their first phone with OLED display. It should come as no surprise as most phone manufacturers are using OLEDs in their phones. OLEDs are expensive to produce as the raw material is not in abundance. Secondly, each OLED panel takes more time to manufacture as compared to an LCD panel.

After slow sales of LG’s flagship phones and new entrants like Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and other Chinese manufacturers taking a huge slice of the cake, LG has no choice but to bump up their specs to the very best. LG V series is said to cater the high-end from this year and not the G series. As we saw LG G6 had a previous generation processor. LG V30 will be powered by SD 835 and will have a mammoth 6GB RAM. The screen on LG V30 is said to be 5.7 inches at QHD resolution.  The second screen is no more there which means LG will have to come up with new tech to differentiate its flagship from the regular ones. There will be dual front 8MP snappers while the rear will have a dual camera set up with 13MP resolution. LG will be implementing its dual lens tech the same way it has been doing before, by offering one lens acting as a wide angle lens. LG V series uses special audio tech from Qualcomm. LG V20 was the first phone in the world to support 32 bit Quad DAC and this tradition is carried on.

So for all we know, LG V30 will be a phone with a superior display, a superior sound and an excellent camera, all this coupled with the best specs on the market. It really seems like LG will be sailing the ship in the right direction in order to get back all its glory.

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