There was a time when kids would fire up their computers just to draw on Ms Paint. Although no one was an expert in using it, but still it is known to be one of the most widely used softwares in the world. Life has been tough for Ms Paint as it faced a lot of criticism by experts, editors and software engineers. Hence, Microsoft recently decided to pull the plug on Ms Paint.

Ms Paint has never been a go to software for anyone for anything but rather just for newbies to crop their images and make a few changes to an image. Ms Paint has had very limited functionality throughout its lifecycle. There were updates for Windows and its built-in softwares, new versions of Windows, but there was no major update for paint software whatsoever. Ms Paint is now 32 years old, and that time is enough for any software to majorly evolve and become a must have for the world but not Ms Paint.

Since Microsoft’s announcement of removing paint from Windows, there has been an over whelming response by the users in support of keeping Ms Paint. Internet has been going wild in support of the software and now Microsoft has decided to keep the software as a download only version from the Microsoft store. Microsoft will be replacing paint in favor of Paint 3D. Paint 3D lets users play around with 3D objects and have the liberty of using numerous drawing tools.

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