Nokia 8 Is Going To Take On Galaxy S8 & iPhone 7s Plus


Nokia will be launching its flagship Nokia 8 phone really soon. As rumors have it, Nokia will be launching its flagship on July 31st. HMD has been going the extra mile in reigniting Nokia’s flare. Nokia was once the market leader but due really bad management and strategic moves, Nokia lost it all. HMD then took the reins of Nokia and tried to steer it in the right direction. For now HMD is off to a good start. Nokia 8 will be a flagship phone which will be competing with the likes of Galaxy S8, iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei P10, Sony Xperia XZ Premium and many more.

News comes from a Scandinavian retailer that Nokia 8 will be priced around $620. For a modern day flagship, this is still quite reasonable. Nokia 8 is said to have two versions, one with 4GB RAM and the other one with an 8GB RAM. For starters only Nokia 8 with 4GB RAM will be available.

The phone will have a 5.3 inch QHD display with a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels. The panel will be an AMOLED one, which is by far the best choice for any phone as it has infinite contrast ratio and uses less juice as compared to other phones. Plus the screen is really crisp on AMOLEDs and it is a whole other experience altogether with the deepest black levels on the market. The processor will be the ultimate choice for all flagships as it has been the case in 2017. The Snapdragon 835 will power Nokia 8 as it has powered Galaxy S8, Xperia XZ Premium and so many other flagships. The first half has ended and we are yet to see how Qualcomm switches from Snapdragon 835 to the next flagship processor and what advancements it will have. Will it be a really big jump in performance or just a marginal jump since Snapdragon 835 runs so good and it is able to handle everything 2017 apps and games have to offer all while keeping a great battery life.

The phone will have two 13 megapixel cameras in the rear and an 8MP selfie shooter. Nokia has been leading the camera race in the past with its offering of Carl Zeiss optics. Now that all other manufacturers have really advanced cameras, we have to see what Nokia offers to regain the title.

2017 has all been about innovation and we are waiting to see what innovation the Nokia 8 brings to the table.

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