Snapchat New Features | Rapidly Revolutionizing Social Media Platform


Snapchat has released its biggest update of the year. Snapchat has been in the news for quite a few times recently and there is a good reason for that. They have been busy developing new features to implement in their app and keep it afresh and ahead of its biggest social media imitator and competitor, which is Instagram.

It is no secret that Instagram has been copying all the features of Snapchat and with its large user base, it is enjoying huge success. Furthermore, they are also taking users away from Snapchat by providing a single hub for all social media fun and activities. So Snapchat with its huge budget has decided to add quite a few new features of its own. We have been covering all of them and you can read about the recent ones right here.

The new features add great versatility to the app. The first one is the paper clip feature which lets you add a link to your snaps. Before the update, this feature was only available to ad campaigns and Snapcchat discover content. Now it has been available  to all the users. This is a very useful feature, as users can add a link to the recipe along with the Snapchat of their cooking. Also, this can be used as a link to the party or an event where along with a picture of it. The possibilities are endless.

Other neat feature includes adding a backdrop to your pictures. This is especially useful when there is a lackluster background. This can also add more colors to your picture if you find the background boring. For every time of the day or event there can be a background just to add that little bit colorfulness.

Snap maps was launched earlier and it added more functionality by letting the users know where their friends were. Social mapping didn’t really take off though but as an added feature it seems nice to have. We have yet to see how Snapchat develops it into one of its biggest features in the days to come.

Snapchat has been facing a tough time since Instagram started copying its features. Snapchat’s new plans of diversifying the feature set of its app is really showing a lot of promise. All we know, because of the competition we might be on the verge of getting something totally new and revolutionary.

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