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Google has been cooking up the latest version of its software for some time and we couldn’t have waited any longer especially after an amazing update of its competitor, the iOS. There are welcome changes to Android with the updagrade. Google has finally announced the name of its latest Android iteration and it is going to be called Android Oreo. Google has really upped its game when it comes to producing the most versatile OS for mobile platform. Android has been far superior to its competition when it has come to being customizable but it has been known to be resource hungry in the past as well. What this meant for the users was to get phones with bigger and bigger RAMs and batteries by each passing year. All this might be slowing down as Android is getting more efficient like its major counterpart iOS, all while keeping its uniqueness and versatility.

Android Oreo has very high expectations as iOS has covered up a lot of ground in terms of new and useful features. There are major updates in the latest version of Android, like improved security, even more fluid UI, improved stability of OS, reduced crash rates, being more efficient in terms of resources and having new and useful features.

The first major feature is picture-in-picture. This was a feature which was first introduced in televisions. This feature would let the user view two programs at one time. This was done by having a small frame with a second program running on top of the first program which covered the whole screen. Well now this feature has made its way into our smartphones, thanks to Google Android Oreo 8.0. Picture-in-picture on Android will let the users handle two tasks at the same time on any size of screen regardless. Users will be able to switch to a second task on their phone which will appear on a second screen on top of the first one. Like if you are watching YouTube on your phone and there is a whatsapp conversation you don’t want to miss out on or keep switching to, you can put a small screen on top of your YouTube video and keep your conversation running without even exiting a single app. The video will keep playing and you will still be having your conversation. Right now YouTube and Google Duo support this feature but soon more apps will be supporting it.

In terms of notifications, Google has introduced notification dots which let you see what’s new in your app just by clicking the notification dots. The dots can also help you take an action in the app. This is the same as iPhone’s 3D touch feature, where users can take actions and see what’s happening in the app without even starting the main app interface.

Battery endurance has been improved in Android Oreo 8.0. Background apps will now be limited by the OS. The services apps will use will also be restricted depending upon the app. This will help improve battery by a reasonable margin. If we could recommend Apple and Google one thing for their respective OS-es, it would be to improve the battery life. No flagship phone of current era runs through the day without letting you sweat by evening and forcing you to restrict your usage or run to your charger.

There will also be an autofill feature. Autofill will also be used for apps this time around as well, along with forms. It was about time that a smart autofill feature was introduced in Android.

Emojis have been the talk of the town for many text-ers. Apple put in a lot of effort in their messaging service and also introduced a slew of new emojis. Well, Google has now picked up the queue and will be introducing new emojis in the update. There will also be new fonts coming with new emojis.

All this boils down to the fact that Android updates depend on which phone you own. Major software updates are usually catered to, in the Android arena by flagship phones or just a few mid-rangers. We hope that this time around most of the phones will be getting Android 8.0 Oreo. Let us know in the comment section below on what you think about Android Oreo 8.0.

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