Canon EOS M100 Is The Big Bad Boy In Mirrorless Cameras


Canon has announced its all new camera Canon EOS M100, which is a successor to Canon EOS M10. Canon has been on top of the camera industry but Sony and Nikon are fast catching up, especially Sony has made huge waves in the mirrorless category.

Canon EOS M100 has an all new APS-C sensor. The resolution has been bumped up to 24.2MP, up from 18MP. There is an all new burst mode on the camera. It now has the capability to snap photos at 6.1fps up from 4.6fps. Burst mode will be useful for taking those moving shots in order to capture the perfect frame. The camera is now able to shoot 1080p videos at 60fps. There is no 4K on board though which is a huge bummer for fans. 4K is a must have now a days and we can’t figure out why Canon didn’t include this essential feature.

Canon EOS M100 has dual pixel autofocus which we are huge fans of. On board, is the Digic processor which M1100 borrows from M5 and M6. The M100 can shoot at ISO rating ranging from 100 to 25,600. There is a 3 inch screen that can be tilted up to 180°.

The camera has very good connectivity capabilities. There is Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth on board to remotely take your shots though the phone. The viewfinder will appear on your smartphone’s screen. The Canon EOS M100 is priced at $600 and comes with a 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 lens.

Canon has really been pushing the EOS M100 in terms of capabilities, but the lack of 4K recording on this model might make users think again about their choice. Apart from lacking 4K, there is no major drawback in the camera. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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