Facebook Bots Reached A Worrying New Level Of Artificial Intelligence


If you followed sci-fi movies, then you would know that machines were eventually going to take over the world but Facebook actually was making that true and it reached to such an extent that Facebook had to pull the plug on it.
It all started with Facebook developing its AI (artificial intelligence) for better self-sustaining machines. It all backfired when the machines started communicating in their own made language. Machines created a new language to talk to each other which was not at all comprehendible by humans. After knowing what repercussions it would have (or watching too many movies), the engineers at Facebook shut it down.
Facebook wanted to create a bot that could learn from humans and how they interacted so that when a user would be talking to a bot he would not have known that he was not talking to a real human. After the implementation was being tested with humans, one scientist actually made the bots to talk to each other which is where things got creepy. The bots started communicating and the after a while they made up their own language in which they started talking. This was the big mistake with the execution of the program. The bots needed to be specified to talk to each other in English only which would be human comprehensible.
This is a major breakthrough in technology and the bots can be used to execute our daily tasks all while we send those commands from our cell phones. The bots will be able to communicate to us if there are problems and might be able to execute solutions on their own, depending upon the users consent and preference. There are a lot of possibilities unless the bots conspire and take on humans or maybe we are too scared by the dawn of Skynet. It is just a matter of time when our lives will be made easier thanks to major recent breakthroughs in AI.

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