Facebook Is Developing An All New Facebook Device


If you love Facebook and spend hours and hours on it then you are just in luck. Facebook is looking to launch a standalone device that would feature Facebook and many of its apps. This might seem unnecessary but there are rumors that the device would do just more than show Facebook on the screen.

Facebook has made huge strides in different arenas and this time Facebook is going for something that is totally new from ground up. The device would be like the Amazon Echo Show which has a touchscreen, video call capabilities and much more. Facebook device will revolve around Facebook mainly. There would be more meaningful newsfeed. Newsfeed would be smarter suggesting feeds we would like to see at a particular time of a day. Facebook device will be using Android OS as Facebook doesn’t believe in building a new OS from ground up. The device will feature a laptop sized screen with a wide-angle lens camera and microphones for optimal video chat.

Facebook will be implementing its AI in the device to make it more user friendly and automated. We know that Facebook is currently developing AI for its products which help assist the user. The device will have an automated camera that will lock on to the user as they move. The device will have 13 to 15 inch screen.

The second product is a smart speaker that would take on the likes of Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod. There is a huge market for smart home speaker as they are able to answer queries, play music on voice commands, set up meetings and reminders and much more. You can also play games on smart speakers as well. We already saw Mark Zuckerberg using Jarvis in an ad and there are strong rumors of it being launched to the masses.