Facebook Watch Is The New Social Way Of Watching Your Favorite Shows


We seem to be in the final days of the conventional television era. We need to bid farewell soon to our conventional T.Vs to make room for new technology. Facebook has just announced that it is going to launch its very own video service by the name of Facebook Watch.

Watch will feature original programs backed by Facebook along with content from other creators. The tab where you will get content from creators will also be personalized over time according to your interests. Facebook will begin replacing the current video tab with watch on all the platforms like web, TV, Android and iOS.

Original programming also means that people will be spending more time on Facebook and they will be returning to their newsfeed every now and then. There are 3 categories in Facebook’s watch. First one is “Most talked about”, which will show you the content that has exploded over the internet recently. Second one is “what’s making people laugh”. This can include sitcoms, standup comedy and other original videos. The last one is “shows your friends are watching”. This will include the most dominant show among your friends. You will have something to pitch in the conversation the next time you meet your friends.

There will be shows that are live or are recorded. Publishers will also be able to post their shows in order to promote them among their targeted consumers. After subscribing to a show, the user will be able to see when a new episode is out on his newsfeed.

Watch will also let you hang out in communities that watch the same show, talk about it in groups or chat while the episode is playing. Say bye to passive watching on the couch. Now it will be more interactive.

At launch Facebook will be funding a few shows to fill up the app after which creators of new content are expected to get in on the action from where things will take off. This is really a good vision that Facebook is trying to implement. The best part about it is they are bringing in the social aspect.

Videos have been the most trending form of media since 2015 and are exponentially taking over other mediums which explains why Facebook is betting its chips on it.

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