Fitbit Iconic | A Jab At Apple Watch & Galaxy Gear S3


Fitbit just launched its new smartwatch and it fits right in the industry. With support of third party apps, Fitbit iconic competes with the likes of Apple watch and Samsung Galaxy Gear S3. Fitbit produces fitness related products and it is the industry leader.

Fitbit iconic is the company’s efforts to take a slice of the cake from other watch manufacturers. The Iconic has built-in GPS, 50 meter water resistance, music storage, contactless payments and there is an app store on board as well. These key features make the Iconic better than anything that Fitbit has produced before. The water resistance will help users measure their heart rates even when they are out for a swim. You will be able to know the calories you are burning while swimming. On top of that the accuracy of the heart rate isn’t distorted due to water.

Music storage on board is one ambitious feature just like the rest of the package. Users will be able to listen to songs even when they don’t have their phones lying around near them. This also means when you are going for a run, you will be able to stream you favorite songs on your Bluetooth headphones without the need of having your phone in your pocket.

Fitbit app store has just launched and we think this is the best time for developers to make their useful apps available. Since Fitbit is the industry leader in fitness tracking devices, there is a huge possibility that many big companies and app developers are already making their apps available on Fitbit app store. The NFC in the watch will also add more usability by letting users connect with sensors. You will be able to unlock doors or maybe a wild idea suggests you can sync your data with NFC capable dumbbells which can help you keep track of your exercises and how many reps you completed.

Fitbit Iconic will be launching around $300 and will be available in October. The bands will be swappable which will let you change the look of the watch to match your mood, attire or activity.

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