Galaxy Gear Fit 2 | The Best Smart Band In The World


Samung is all set to launch its Galaxy Gear Fit 2 Pro smart band. Galaxy Gear Fit 2 Pro will be launching alongside Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd. The band will be Tizen based and will have more features than the old Galaxy Gear Fit 2. Samsung has really put in an effort to make the new smartband lead the competition. Wearables have been the next big thing after smartphones and all major brands have been busy in developing the next biggest trend. The first smartwatch for masses was made by Sony but after the first two years they lost track of it and other brands took over.

Galaxy Gear Fit 2 Pro will be $20 more than the outgoing model. This is because it will have new features and improvements over the previous generation like the wrist band will be better and will have a firmer buckle, the smart band will have enhanced water resistance, there will also be support for music playback and offline Spotify songs.

Galaxy Gear Fit 2 Pro is also said to have GPS in built which means it will be able to give you directions on the go even when you don’t have your phone near you. The new smart band will also have, for the first time ever, a swim tracker. Well, all those summers are bound to become that much more fun.

Galaxy Gear Fit 2 Pro name is on Samsung’s website which means that we aren’t far away from the announcement. Samsung has really taken the wearable game to a whole new level and these type of versatile features are there to make it a market leader.

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