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There are only a few devices that have made their mark as strong as Huawei’s Mate series phones. Mate series phones have been one of the most desired devices in the world. In fact Huawei has done such a great job with their phones that they just took over Apple as the second most successful phone company in the world after Samsung in Q2 this year. Keep in mind the fact that Huawei has a whole range of phones while Apple launches only 2 phones a year. Still it is a noticeable victory for Huawei to rise to the top. A major role has been played by Huawei’s Mate series in its rise to the top and Huawei is showing no signs of slowing down. Huawei Mate 10 just leaked and according to Huawei, it will be the first bezel-less phone from Huawei.

It is not really hard to believe that Huawei will be launching a bezel-less phone because one of the main selling point of Huawei’s Mate series was its slim bezels and its uniquely sexy designs which won hearts all around the world. The Mate series is one of the only worthy competitors of Samsung Note series in Androids. Mate 10 is no exception as well, it will have a bezel-less display with QHD resolution at 6.1 inch screen size. Mate 10 will have the latest Kirin processor i.e. the Kirin 970 SoC with 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. Mate 10 will have a dual camera setup at the rear which would be Leica branded. Huawei just won an award for its phone camera of the year recently. Huawei won EISA best smartphone camera award for Huawei P10 which also has a Leica branded dual camera setup at the back. After Huawei’s Leica branding, Huawei has really made a strong mark in smartphone photography. Mate 10 will come with a mammoth 4,000mAh battery. This will help the phone run through the day easily. Huawei has a technology which prioritizes your apps. This helps the phone run faster and save a lot of battery as well which translates into a long lasting battery.

The phone sounds epic but the pricing of the phone is said to be steep, going around $1,000. 2017 will be the start of $1,000 phones and we might see a slowing down in flagship phone sales. This might lead to consumers jumping to midrange phones. Huawei has usually been really good with the pricing of its phones and we sincerely hope that is the case for Mate 10 as well.

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