RED Is Producing The Most Advanced Smartphone Ever


    If you know cameras, then you surely know what RED is. It is a company which manufactures state of the art video cameras that are used by movie producers all over the world. Most of your favorite Hollywood movies have been shot on a RED camera. RED is now planning to launch its first ever smartphone. RED has a history in creating new hardware tech that revolutionizes a whole product line and the rumors just reinforce the fact.

    The phone will be called Hydrogen One and will feature for the first time ever in the history of mobile, a holographic display. The phone is said to cost around $1,200 which is too steep of a price. The phone has a 5.5 inch display as the famous YouTuber MKBHD filmed it. He received the prototypes from RED. All three phones had metallic finish and on the rear there was a camera bump. Hydrogen One also has two speakers at the bottom along with contact pins. The contact pins are for attaching accessories to the phone. We are guessing since RED specializes in cameras, there will be a lot of accessories that will compliment the camera.

    MKBHD got three prototypes. One of the prototypes he reviewed had the feature of projecting a hologram. Sadly there was no video of it. There must have been an agreement between MKBHD and RED to not show it just right now as it might not be fully cooked yet. A third prototype had a huge lens bolted to it at the back. According to MKBHD, this will the future of mobile photography but we highly doubt that, as Sony, which is the major manufacturer of mobile cameras, is working on making the camera sensor smaller and smaller. Housing a huge lens at the back of the phone is never going to be the answer for a long term but given RED’s history they will be making something new or revolutionary. RED will be making huge strides in the camera department nonetheless as RED specializes in camera technology. For the first time in history RED will be making a smartphone camera.

    We are hoping to see a RED phone soon. Smartphones really have become one of the toughest categories to penetrate in and make a mark. RED has been selling products to a niche market up until now. We have got to see how they do in the smartphone area given their technological advancements. We are surely in for a big surprise.

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