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Sarahah is the hottest new app all around the world and has been grossing up the top charts for weeks now. This is an app that can help you get honest feedback from your friends, peers and random people. The app was made in Saudia Arabia. The app is said to be avoided by children as it promotes cyber-bullying but more on that later.

Sarahah means “honesty” in Arabic. The app let’s people give their opinion on your profile and whatever you post without revealing whether you have read their comment or not. Right now the app is ‘stealing’ contacts for a feature that doesn’t exist yet. Sarahah is uploading your contacts on their servers without you knowing about it. The feature they want to use it for is for you being able to connect with your friend’s list right away isn’t available yet.

Anonymous messages can be sent to profiles with people stating their opinion. We expect the usability to increase over time exponentially. Sarahah has now gotten famous in western part of the world as well. It is among the top most downloaded apps in the world on Play store and on the App store it is in the top 5 most downloaded apps. Sarahah already has over 18 million downloads and counting.

We really need to know about the privacy of our contacts and email address given there is a security loophole. In newer versions of the app, there are bug fixes which safeguard your privacy. We would recommend people who have downloaded the app to update it.

Let us know in the comments section, what do you think about the hottest new social media app.

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