Truecaller Payment Transfer | All You Need To Know


Truecaller has been the go to app for many of us. It has been a life saver for many and for many it has been enabling to avoid unwanted sales calls. There have been many implications where Truecaller has been useful. It has been a hit and is mostly used in South Asian region. Now Truecaller is bringing in another feature that will enable its users to make payments.

A new system has been developed which is called Request money. This uses UPI based system. The system helps in creating links that can be shared. Once a link is clicked the UPI system completes the payment.

Android has had this feature for some time now. The developers introduced UPI (unified payment interface). The payment can only be sent to other Truecaller users.

The best part about the payment method is that it is not confined to any one single app. The payment link can be shared via messaging apps, email, SMS or can even be posted on sites. When the link is clicked the user will be redirected to complete the payment.

For now the feature has been launched in specific regions. We can’t wait to try out this feature. Many big app makers and phone manufacturers are making money transfer easier for their users and Truecaller is the new kid on the block. Given its large user base, it will surely be a hit soon.

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