Xbox One Latest Update Brings A Lot Of Welcome Changes


Xbox One is getting a major upgrade and we are very excited. Xbox has had a sluggish past. The UI was not polished enough to give an overall good experience. Going thorough menus took an effort and then there was that same old interface that has been there for the longest time. The good news is that all this about to change now.


The first major change is the visual change which plays a vital role in the overall user experience. Xbox had those ugly boxes in the menu through which you had to spend a lot of time scrolling. Frankly, the menu was ugly and time taking and there was no major upside to it.

Now, with the new update, the menu screen is clean and entirely customizable. By default, it has your recently used stuff, a direct link to what you were playing and the current month’s “games with gold”. Then there is the suggested friend menu option. There is also quick access to remap your controller as well. These were the most demanded options by the gamers.

Two advertisement boxes are also there but one of them is very useful as it suggests you ads based on your usage history.


Xbox now comes with support for Spotify. Your favorite tunes will be just be a click away. Spotify will come with the same ad based experience but you can also log in to your paid subscription to get your ad free experience.

Quick Menu

There is Quick Menu on your fingertips now. This helps you navigate even faster. You have to press the Xbox button on your controller in order to access it.

Content blocks

The best part about the new menu is that you can extend the menu based on your preferences. Content blocks let you pin your saved games all in one place. The new experience is even speedier.

Xbox is making strides to get to your home screens and for now they are taking all the right steps. It seems consumer feedback has played its magic once again.

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