Apple Watch Series 3 With Amazing New Features Is A Must Have


Apple Watch Series 3 is the latest addition to Apple’s already successful lineup of smartwatches. Although it looks more or less the same to the previous iterations, it comes with more features and refined tech.

Apple Watch Series 3 will now come with built-in LTE. Now, you won’t have to be dependent on your phone in order to make calls through your watch. The watch’s display doubles as a LTE antenna. Overall for us consumers it is a big step forward. You will be able to use all apps through LTE and make calls directly from the watch even though your phone will be at home. On top of that, you can stream your favorite tunes and receive notifications without ever having your phone with you.

The processor on Apple Watch Series 3 is said to be 70% faster than the one in Apple Watch Series 2. This will help developers push the envelope. The Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a new dual-core W2 processor.

Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a plethora of new features. There would be new watch faces to start things off. There is also a watch face that is built around Siri, which uses machine learning of how you use your device and apps on it, and provides you relevant information based on it.

There will be two versions of Apple Watch Series 3

With the new WatchOS 4, the activity notifications will be more personalized than before. The notifications will be based on your history, goals and activity. There is also a new music app on Apple Watch Series 3. It will automatically import your playlists from Apple Music.

There will be two versions of Apple Watch Series 3. The LTE version will cost you $399 and the non-cellular version will cost $329. We can’t wait to play around with the upgraded tech that is surely going to spoil us as consumers.

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