Facebook Tinder Is The New Thing


Facebook Messenger is the new Tinder. You read that right. Facebook is teasing a new feature on the messenger which will help you connect with your friends and that too Tinder style.

There are a lot of us who make plans using Facebook Messenger and the company has taken that into account while launching its new service. The new service will let you know the people whom you will like to hang out with. If both parties reply with yes, only then they will know. Which means there will no awkwardness among you and your friend if one of you doesn’t reply positively.

It is better than Tinder because it allows you to meet up with your friend and not a complete stranger. You can first try your luck on Facebook Messenger and if you can’t find anyone there, then you can make your next move on Tinder.

Some people like to keep their friend’s list short and it might be awkward for them if Facebook Messenger tries hooking them up with one of their close friends whom they already make a lot of plans with. For socialites, it might be a blessing as having too many contacts might make you skip a few people and Facebook Messenger can play a role there to remind.

Facebook Messenger has copied a lot of features from various other super hit apps. This has only made the Messenger more versatile. We will like to see Facebook coming up with its own new feature that the world starts following, until then Facebook can keep copying other features to keep its apps fresh, trendy and relatable.

Spontaneous meet-ups can really be exciting but we would have preferred recommendations so that people could get in touch themselves rather than make totally random plans which might end up making that seldom meet-up even more awkward.

Let us know what you think about this all new feature.

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