Google HTC Takeover | A New Storm In Android World


Google has acquired HTC and this might change Android world altogether. We have known HTC for producing sleek and stylish Android phones. HTC has been the biggest pioneer of Android smartphones and the smartphone era in general.

Since the launch of HTC M8, HTC started bearing losses due to their failed strategy of building a smartphone with a 4MP camera, back when megapixel race was at its peak. Higher megapixel meant a superior camera to the normal consumer and smartphone brands were producing them like crazy. HTC decided to sail against the currents and suffered badly.

Tech world is unforgiving as we have seen Nokia, HTC and even Sony fail big in smartphones in a very short span of time. Sony once contributed to 80% of all android sales. Now the company is thinking of making an exit soon from the smartphone industry. HTC was once the leader in Android phone sales as well but recently they have been suffering huge loses.

Given the heritage of HTC, Google made the right move in purchasing HTC. Google has virtually unlimited funds and HTC has been pioneering smartphone technology for the longest time. It seems like a match made in heaven. Google is making strides to cover grounds to reach the level iPhone has developed. Apple should now be concerned the way Google has launched Pixel devices. They have gained huge interest among smartphone users. Google acquired HTC for $1.1 billion which seems like a cheap deal considering Google purchased Motorola for $12.5 billion.

HTC’s deal will give Google access to 2000 engineers and IP rights. The facility will be looked after by HTC. That doesn’t sound like a bad deal. With great resources and huge funds, Google is looking to take the smartphone arena by a storm.

We have yet to see what it means for Google’s devices. Certainly, Pixels are going to get way more sexier, advanced and stylish with HTC’s DNA.

Let us know what you think about this deal. Will you buy a Google Pixel knowing it is made by HTC?

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