Google Pixel 2 Leaks


After the announcement of iPhones, we all were waiting for how Google would respond. There were rumors that the new Pixel 2 would be something extraordinary. The new leaks certainly suggest it as the hype of the phone takes over the world.

Google launched the first Pixel phones last year and they were an instant hit. Google killed off its Nexus line as there was lack of consistency with picking OEMs. Although every Nexus got love but it wasn’t enough to compete with the likes of iPhones or Samsung Galaxy S-es.

Google Pixel 2 has been leaked now and it has killer looks to say the least. It competes right up there with all the major flagship smartphones of 2017.

According to the Pixel and Pixel XL leaks, the phone will come in three colors quite black, very silver and really blue. The phones are said to be priced really high with the base model Pixel starting at $649 for the 64GB version and $749 for 128GB version.

Google Pixel XL 2 will cost way more than yesteryear’s version. Pixel XL 2 will sell around $849 for the base 64GB version and $949 for the 128GB version. The price is way too steep considering the previous Nexus line used to be really affordable and the previous Pixel devices were even $100 less.

Phones are getting more and more expensive these days and we don’t see the reason for them to be so expensive given phones have a one year life and for Androids a 2 year software update cycle.

Pixel phones are said to compete with the top dogs of 2017 but like previous year, we hope Google really amazes us with new tech. Google is fast catching up with its competitors and this year we might just see the best pure Android device ever made.

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