iPhone X Has Taken The World By A Storm


Apple iPhone X has taken the world by a storm. iPhone X is the sexiest new thing and we cannot have enough of it. Apple has truly outdone itself by making our fantasy phone a reality. iPhone X has a mesmerizing infinity display, an all-new processor, an all-new camera module and so much more that we will unwind in this article. So put your seat belts on, because Apple is taking you for a wild ride.

iPhone X is the most advanced and sexiest iPhone yet. It has all the check boxes of a concept phone checked and more. We will start with the most obvious. iPhone X has an all new OLED panel that covers the whole front of the phone. We have seen many phone manufacturers try for such a display but Apple has truly demolished its competition in this department. The OLED display measures up to 5.8 inches with an all new resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels. Apple calls it the Super Retina display. This gives the phone a ppi of 458 which is way more than Apple’s standard retina display of 326 ppi. The display supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision for the most mesmerizing viewing experience. The iPhone X has other Apple tech too onboard like 3D Touch and TrueTone automatic calibration. The phone is covered in glass back and front. The glass back helps it support Qi wireless charging, which is one of the largest open standard wireless charging formats. This will help you charge the iPhone X from multiple wireless charging products that already exist in the market, although Apple’s own wireless charging mat AirPower is launching next year.

The iPhone has evolved like never before with the iPhone X. It has stainless steel sides, with a glass back and front keeping the phone is waterproof. There are dual-cameras at the back of the phone which are aligned vertically rather than horizontally. Both camera modules have OIS and come at 12MP resolution. The telephoto lens has an aperture of f/2.4 and the wide angle lens has an aperture of f/14. The lens at the rear are brighter than before with a much higher aperture. At the front, there is a 7MP camera which is also able to capture your face in 3D. This helps in capturing the user’s face for animated emojis called the animojis and amazing new Snapchat filters. There is also an all new portrait mode which adjusts the lighting according to different lighting conditions. This gives studio like effects and we are thoroughly impressed. Apart from that, since the iconic Apple Home button is gone (yes! it’s gone now), Apple has included a new way of unlocking your iPhone X, through FaceID. FaceID maps your face through 30,000 different points and has a one in a million chance (according to Apple) to be compromised. Apple also claims that FaceID is more secure than TouchID. Apple Pay has also moved to FaceID now and you can execute all your transactions through it.

You can also summon your iPhone X by double tapping to wake the screen. The iPhone X comes with an all new A11 two-tier CPU design. Apple calls the new A11 CPU, the Bionic chip and it is way faster than the old one. It is a six-core CPU with two high-performance cores that are 25 percent faster than the previous A10 cores and four high-efficiency cores which are 70 percent faster than the old A10’s. The new GPU is an all new design built by Apple from ground up and is optimized for Metal 2 graphics framework. Despite all the high-performance built-in the iPhone X, the phone will be able to last 2 hours longer than the previous iPhone.

Apple iPhone X will be priced at $1,000. This is for the basic 64GB version whereas the 256GB version will cost you $1,100. That is pretty steep even by Apple’s standards. We will have to see how people react to the new iPhone. There is no doubt that it is the gadget to get for all smartphone lovers out there.

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