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Before the launch of Apple’s iPhone X, almost all manufacturers have brought their A game to the table. This might be because holiday season is around the corner or that the manufacturers wish they can convince consumers, at the very nick of time when iPhone is about to launch, to change their decision and buy another Android phone. Xiaomi has done just that and launched the much awaited Mi Mix 2. This is a phone that shifted the industry’s needle towards bezel-less phones for 2017 with its first iteration.

Mi Mix 2 has stunned the world with its sexy looks and nearly bezel-less display and the display has no shortcomings. Xiaomi has upgraded the display of Mi Mix 2 to FHD+ (2160×1080). The panel is an IPS LCD and the size has been reduced to 5.99 inches from 6.44 inches. This is a welcome change as it grips more easily in the hand now. The aspect ratio has been changed from 17:9 to 18:9, the same as the Galaxy S series. The chin below the screen has also been shortened. There is a speaker on top rather than the display vibrating to make sounds when you listen to calls, the phone now has a physical speaker on top to produce sound.

The front facing camera is placed at the bottom and you have to flip the phone in order to take selfies which shouldn’t be much of a hassle. The rear-facing camera is at 12MP with 4-axis OIS. There is no dual-camera setup at the back though. Camera aperture is at f/2.0 which will be adequate in low light conditions.

The phone has a Snapdragon 835 processor coupled with 6GB RAM. (8GB for the special edition). You can chose from 3 internal storage spaces 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. The phone is juiced by a 3,400mAh battery which will be able to run your Mi Mix 2 through the day. Sadly, there is no headphone jack on board. The phone now supports more bands, which means that in most parts of the world, you will just have to insert your SIM and you will be good to go.

The phone’s price starts from $499, which is a steal as is the case with other Xiaomi products.

We are really excited on how Mi Mix 2 squares up against iPhone X. Let us know what you think.


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