Sony WF-1000X | The Best True Wireless Headphones


True wireless headphones have been really hard to come but now that Apple has launched its AirPods, it will soon become an industry norm. This is the point where other manufacturers can really take the lead and they just might have done that. Sony WF-1000X are by far one of the best wireless headphones in the world right now. Although the name might be a mouthful but the headphones really have personality of their own.

As Sony users know, Sony’s main focus when making products is design and quality. Sony WF-1000X really do stand out from the rest of the lot and are far better looking than anything else we have seen. In comparison, AIrPods look more like a modernized hearing aid. The design of AirPods has been hugely criticized and rightly so. Coming back to WF-1000X, the design is sleek, practical and looks really classy even when wearing. This has not been the case with most of the other wireless ear buds.

Previously true wireless headphones have had main focus on connectivity and connection stability but Sony’s WF-1000X are the first ones which have been made with sound as the top priority.

These headphones take queue from our most favorite headphones to date, the Sony MDR-1000X and provide class leading noise cancellation, full freedom and good battery life. The headphones sit in your ear and are discrete enough to not make you look like a geek. The headphones also are splash proof, so cleaning them won’t be a hassle. The ear buds are able to take care of attending or disconnecting a call but to change the volume, you will have to do it through your mobile device.

The battery life of the ear buds is 3 hours with noise cancellation and the carrying case has a battery life of 6 hours, which means that you can use these headphones for a total of 9 hours. The charging case is charged by a USB Type-C cable.

There are neat features on board as you would expect with Sony products. WF-1000X has three modes, stay, walking and transport. The headphones judge your condition and switch to the required mode. This really works wonders as the user does not have to move a single muscle to change the mode and each mode has its special features. In transport mode, the ear buds switch off all the ambient sounds, in walking mode the headphones let in ambient sound to an extent so you get to hear the vehicles nearby without your music being disrupted and the stay mode lets in only the voices which helps you communicate easily even when the headphones are active.

We can easily say these are the best true wireless headphones in the world. Let us know in the comment section below if you would be buying yourself a pair.

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