Google Pixel 2 Screen Issues | One Too Many


After Sammy landed itself into trouble, we were really hoping other smartphone manufacturers would learn their lesson and thoroughly check their phones before launching them in the market. The smartphone market is too fast for any proper quality checks but with one of world’s largest budgets for any industry, it is a given you don’t mess up your flagship phone launch. Apple iPhone 8 is suffering from swollen battery issues and if that wasn’t enough for smartphone fans to grieve over, Google Pixel 2 is suffering from screen burn issues.

Firstly, Google Pixel XL 2 appeared to have abnormal hues at the top of the screen. We were really disappointed on why Google didn’t thoroughly check their displays before launching the phone to masses. If that wasn’t enough, the phone seems to have blue cast when looked upon from an angle. This is less than perfect display. These problems shouldn’t be there in the first place as Google is looking to make its mark in the hardware arena.

Now, there seems to have been another problem that has risen. The screen has burn-in issues. The navigation buttons seem to have been burned in the display. After using the phone for a while, users and reviewers alike have reported screen burn-in issues. When the screen is displaying a grey background, users were able to see a slight reflection of navigation buttons.

We would recommend our readers not to buy the Pixel 2 phones just yet until they are updated about the screen issues being resolved. Google has yet to release a statement. We know for sure Google won’t let us down (although they already did). We were really looking forward to Google and Apple battling it out but due to their manufacturing issues it seems like other OEMs have the room to play their cards right. Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Galaxy Note 8 are two of the best phones we recommend our readers to buy in replacement of Apple iPhone 8 and Google Pixel 2.

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