iPhone 8 Battery Issue


You can’t keep Apple out of the news for much long. Now there is a new problem apart from the bad reviews that Apple iPhone 8 were getting already being of the same design. iPhone 8’s batteries are now swelling when the phone is charged.

Reports from around the world have been pouring about IPhone 8’s batteries swelling which leads to the front of the phone being separated. The screen lifts up and separates from the phone or the screen is bent. Either way Apple is looking into the problem and as we know Apple, the problem is going to be resolved as soon as possible. The issue of bad batteries led to the very sad end of Note 7 as we know. Samsung suffered a huge loss of around $3 billion. Apple has a much better loyal consumer base but the sooner Apple resolves this issue, the better retention of its customers.

Retailers are requesting owners of iPhone 8 not to charge their phone with non-certified cables which lead to battery damage. Fake accessories can really damage the phone especially the charger or the charging cable.

We have yet to hear from Apple on this issue. We really hope smartphone manufacturers take these things seriously as this involves a huge risk.

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