Microsoft Biding Farewell To Kinect


Motion tracking has always been a tricky subject especially when it comes to Microsoft. Kinect was developed way back in 2010 for Xbox motion tracking games. This was a race that was won by Nintendo. However, Microsoft didn’t lose the race, they came up with an amazing device that provided entertainment to many households.

Microsoft just announced that it is pulling the plug on Kinect. This is due to the rise of AR gaming. PS VR is fast gaining traction among its users and now MS has decided to push HoloLens in that space. Kinect would be cannibalizing HoloLens if it continued and this makes perfect sense.

Kinect was the king of motion tracking back in the day as it required no peripherals to track motion. In its competition PS Move and Nintendo Wii could not simply do motion tracking without the help of controllers which limited the whole experience. Kinect however, could do motion tracking of the complete body and not only the arms.

Microsoft bet a lot on its Kinect system by bundling it with the Xbox One. PS4, on the other hand had no bundles of such sort, was cheaper and more powerful. This led to huge sales of PS4 and slow sales of Xbox One at the start; a lead which is still maintained by Playstation. Xbox One then removed the bundle and started selling Xbox One at a cheaper price but still couldn’t manage to close in on the lead.

Come today, we are saying farewell to our beloved motion tracking device. A device that was going to redefine motion tracking for years to come. Thanks to AR technology, we will have a more immersive experience of gaming.

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