OnePlus 5T Leaks


Just like iPhone’s ‘S’ cycle, OnePlus has its ‘T’ cycle. The ‘T’ iterations are incremental upgrades with the design remaining mainly the same, but this might change with the OnePlus 5T.

Images have been leaked of OnePlus 5T on the internet as it can be seen above. The phone will come with a 6 inch AMOLED display. Display would be FHD+ at (1080 x 2160 pixels) which is a standard for many flagships supporting 18:9 aspect ratio. We are big fans of OnePlus phones’ batteries as they have the maximum endurance and the display with a normal resolution is even better for an even longer battery life. According to our survey, most users prefer a better battery life over good resolution. This is also due to the fact that a naked eye cannot differentiate above 326 ppi. FHD+ has been found in many flagships of 2017 like the Mate 10.

The fingerprint reader has been moved to the back which a welcome change is seeing how good the screen-to-body ratio is. Oppo F5 will be launching on October 26th which will tell us most of the story of OnePlus 5T.

We are really looking forward to a world class camera with AR capabilities. OnePlus has been the phone to beat in price for many flagships in the previous years. We are yet to see if anyone can match OnePlus in price and specs.

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