PS VR 2017 | More Advanced & Much Needed Changes


Sony’s new Playstation VR comes with a few but important upgrades as you might expect. Plyastation VR headset amazed us with its capabilities one year ago and since then we have been craving for VR games. Now Sony has upgraded the already amazing device to make it more practical for its audience and these changes are more than welcome by the users.

The new model is called CUH-ZVR2, has an updated design. Firstly, the headset cable is neatly covered as it runs at the back of your head and does not hang like in the previous headset. The stereo headsets don’t tangle now like they used to.

The processor unit has also been upgraded and now supports HDR content directly. Previously, users had to disconnect the headset from their PS4 and connect it directly to their TV sets in order to watch HDR content. This is no longer the case now. Since the processor unit now supports HDR pass through, users can directly watch HDR content on their headsets without the need for disconnecting the headset.

All previous PS VR games will work on the new headset. However, early adopters of PS VR will have to switch their PS VRs for new ones if they are to use the new processing unit as the old headsets do not support the new processing unit.

Sony has not yet announced any date for the launch of the device yet. The device will carry the same price tag as the previous one at $399.

Augmented reality is the new way forward and Sony certainly seems to have make strides. It is just a matter of time when we will see VR headset from Nintendo as well. The gaming dynamics are changing quickly and with devices like PS VR we are ought to switch soon from traditional console gaming.

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