Don’t Buy An iPhone X Just Yet


You can’t keep Apple away from the news much long. The iPhone X is back in the news and now for all the wrong reasons. iPhone X is facing manufacturing issues, and this has left many consumers fuming. The problems have affected consumers’ loyalty towards the brand according to a recent survey.

Two bugs seem to have made their way on to the iPhone X. The first one is the earphone bug. The ear piece starts making cracking and buzzing sound when users are listening to calls at high volumes or during music playback or when watching videos. The problem has been reported by 50 users till now officially.

The second issue that iPhone X is suffering from is the green line of death. The line appears on the right side of the phone covering the complete side. Users have reported the line to be a permanent issue. The problem was reported when the phones were performing normal tasks. Apple has not yet commented on the issue and has replaced the affected units without charging the users any cost. We have yet to hear officially from Apple.

For a phone that costs $1,000, we really don’t expect such issues to occur especially given Apple’s promising quality throughout previous years. The trend of manufacturing issues on newly launched phones just goes on to show that the industry is fast moving without giving proper time to the manufacturers to check the quality.

Consumers once affected are hard to get back and we would advise manufacturers to make their checks stricter if they are to retain consumer loyalty.

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