Edward Snowden’s New App Heaven Is About To Influence Our Lives


Edward Snowden has once again made waves in the media by launching a new app. Edward Snowden has teamed up with Micah Lee to release an Android app in partnership with the Guardian project. The name of the app is Heaven and is directed towards people who think their possessions or they themselves are at risk.

The app uses sensors on the Android device to track various readings. The accelerometer is used to track vibrations, the camera tracks all the movements of objects in view and microphones record the sounds of the environment.

The app requires two phones to be installed in. One phone is to be kept for all the tracking and will act as a burner phone. It will send notifications on your primary device. The burner phone should have a SIM card in it in order to send notifications. The data is sent through an encrypted line of communication which of course is Edward Snowden recommended.

The app can also work on the main phone as well by sending out notifications to a certain trusted number alerting them in case you face a threat.

The app is open source and people can contribute to it. The app can also be compiled using Android Studio and Gradle.

This might be a one-of-a-kind of an app. We have yet to see how people respond to it on the Play Store.

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