iPhone’s Worst iOS Software Crash In Ages | Here Is How You Can Stay Safe


Apple has been facing a lot of trouble since it launched the iPhone X. This time around there was a software problem that was affecting all iPhones that had been updated to iOS 11.1.2.

The bug seems to have affected quite a few apps including Springboard, Calm and a few others. The apps used to crash and the phone used to reboot. The apps used to give push notifications as well before crashing.

Credit goes to Apple for releasing iOS 11.2 before schedule all while including the fix in the update. The update included Apple Pay Cash as well which lets Apple Pay users send money to other Apple Pay users.

There are other features of the update as well. The update adds support for wireless fast charging support on iPhone X, iPhone 8 Pluss and iPhone 8. There is improved camera stabilization, three new live wallpapers and a loads of bug fixes including the calculator bug.

iOS is now available, so we recommend you guys hurry up before your iPhone starts acting up.

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