Sony Xperia New Leak Suggests It Will Be The King Of Androids


It seems like the execs at Sony are ready to play hardball in the smartphone arena. Sony has long been suffering in the smartphone world due to its lack of marketing, dated UI experience and old design language. Come 2018, all this is about to change. According to new leaks Sony is planning on upping its game and competing with the best of 2018.

Sony is said to announce half a dozen smartphones at the MWC 2018. This is going to be by far the highest number of phones ever announced by any manufacturer at any single event. The latest news is about Sony H8216 (code name) which has leaked online. The specs seem astonishing considering Sony’s previous releases. The phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 845 processor which at the time of launch will be the most powerful mobile processor in the world. This will be paired with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. Memory be expandable by a microSD card. This year Sony flagships will be able to support 512GB of memory cards.

Sony’s new phone will have a 5.48-inch display with FHD resolution. This resolution will be switched up to 4K when viewing media. This is the best implementation on any screen as users can save a lot of battery while running standard Android on FHD and use 4K when they need the most.

For the first time ever Sony is coming up with dual camera setup. We are expecting a new form of innovation with dual cameras at the rear. The rear cameras will have a resolution of 12MP while the front facing camera will have a resolution of 15MP. The phone will be powered by a 3,130mAh battery.

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