Huawei SuperCharge | Game Changer For Smartphone Industry


Huawei Watt Lab has come up with one of the best solutions to battery charging to date. The new charging tech will surely change the battery life game. Huawei Watt Lab is bringing a way in which phone batteries will charge up to 48% in just five minutes. That is probably the best thing we have heard recently.

Huawei’s tech divides that battery into more connections and charges them individually. This helps in charging more battery points at a given time. This results in significantly reduced charging times. The tech has been used before by other manufacturers in different applications but this is the first time we are going to see it being used in smartphones.

This tech doesn’t damage the battery or reduce the battery life. Also, the batteries don’t heat up (queue Galaxy Note 7 fiasco).

Right now people are stuck with thick power banks which take up too much space in one’s pockets. They are heavy as well. This is a new business line altogether. Phone manufacturers should use battery tech that helps phones last a full day of heavy usage or two days of moderate usage.

MWC 2018 is around the corner and we are excited to see what technologies we will get to see. Gaming, audio and battery life are three areas where smartphones can improve a lot. Only time will tell in which direction will new smartphone tech go.

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