Intel AMD Join Hands | 2018 Laptops Will Have Immense Graphic Capabilities


Intel has just announced its new lineup of processors and they come with something that would make gamers around the world rejoice. For the first time in history, Intel has teamed up with AMD. Intel and AMD have built a processor with tremendous graphic capabilities thanks to AMD’s GPU manufacturing proficiencies. The 8th generation H-series processors will come up with AMD GPUs inside them.

The mobile processors for laptops are currently going as U-series chips. The current-gen processors use 15W of power and are based on Kaby Lake structure. In the 8th generation processors, the number of threads have doubled. They have increased to four and eight respectively.

With the 8th generation, Intel has changed the whole scenario. The new processors have multiple pieces of silicon chips combined into one package. There is an Intel processor with an AMD GPU on board. There is also HMB2 stacked (high bandwidth memory) along with Intel’s new EMIB (Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge). EMIB connects different chips into a single package. This provides high speed short-range interconnection. According to Intel EMIB helps in the production of faster and thinner laptops.

Many manufacturers might reduce the number of laptops which use Nvidia’s graphic chips. The integrated package has certainly helped AMD reach out to consumers. It is a welcome change and was long due since laptops lacked GPU power.