LG 88-inch 8K OLED Pannel | World’s Biggest & Sharpest


    LG has unveiled the world’s largest OLED TV panel and we are simply amazed by it. It stands at 88-inches tall with an eye watering resolution of 8K. It is a beast to say the least. LG has flexed its muscles in the display department and we can only wonder which brand will up them at CES 2018.

    The OLED panel has many advantages and come 2018 we expect to see most of our displays moving towards OLED technology. This also means that the displays will be more energy efficient and will also have greater brightness which LCD panels’ lack. LCD panels have an issue where they need to consume more power in order to be brighter and with bigger panels, the energy consumption seems to be a lot. LG was quick to point this out. This is the first big teaser we have of what CES 2018 has to offer. The likes of Samsung and Sony have yet to announce their TVs.

    For now this is just a panel and has to make its way to a television. 8K resolution videos are very rare to find. Apart from a few YouTube videos, there is very limited content out there. LG has just shown its prowess. We doubt there would be any 8K TVs launching any time soon.

    Till then keep an eye out for our coverage of CES 2018.

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