LG Rollable TV | World’s First


    LG brought its bag of tricks at CES 2018 and really put on a show. It was something that we had never seen before. LG showed off world’s first 4K rollable OLED display.

    The screen is a mammoth 65-inch display. The TV rolls into tube form into a rectangular box. LG says this will be easily portable as the box in which it rolls up has handles on both sides. The TV becomes feels organic and natural. It mimics a canvas that can be rolled up and taken anywhere. LG used a high molecular material based polyimide in order for the TV to have a small curvature radius. LG also incorporated transparent pixel technology to achieve 30% transmittance.

    The box in which the TV rolls up also offers practicality like housing speakers, connection ports and power supply. LG’s rollable TV can also be popped up to height you like. This can help in viewing ultra-wide movies without letterbox bars on the screen. This is very impressive indeed. So the 65-inch TV can actually be of any size without compromising on anything. We have yet to see one for the consumers; for now it’s a concept.

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