MWC 2018 Rumor Roundup | All Screen Phones On The Rise


Galaxy S9 is going to be the biggest announcement this MWC 2018. All smartphone manufacturers are coming up with their ‘A’ game. We will see Sony use 4K OLED for the first time in a smartphone, integrated fingerprint readers by a few manufacturers, new selfie cameras that are able to compete portraits with the likes of iPhone and Pixels and a whole lot more.

Samsung has recently patented a selfie camera that would sit behind the screen. Previously, Xiaomi Mi Mix was the best attempt at a bezel-less phone. It had an integrated earpiece that used Cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology to transmit sound through the screen. The camera however was placed at the bottom which was not our favorite position for it. Samsung has patented integrated camera, earpiece and ambient light sensor along with an integrated fingerprint reader. This is the first time ever we could see an all screen phone. All the integrated components would mean that the phone would not be compromising on any feature and it would be fully capable of performing every task of a modern day smartphone.

The integrated camera would work on a transparent OLED screen with a high refresh rate. The higher refresh rate would help the camera capture the image when the screen is off. The camera would be able to see through the screen and capture the image. It would even be capable of high frame rate videos.

Samsung has been leading the way with screen technology and this new patent would leapfrog it ahead of the competition. We can’t wait for MWC 2018 to showcase the best tech world has to offer. With new technologies making their way into smartphones, we are bound to see something that would change the smartphones forever.

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