Sony MP-CD1 | A Pocket Projector Lighting Up CES 2018


Sony just announced its short throw projector at CES 2018. The projector is slightly larger than the average smartphone and comes in premium packaging. The projector is covered with aluminum casing just like modern smartphone flagships.

The new Sony MP-CD1 Mobile Projector can project a screen of 120-inches. The projector weighs a moderate 9.9 ounces. This is portable enough to be carried around in your pocket. The 120 inch size of the projected screen is more than enough to enjoy movies or display presentations. The projector uses standard tripod mount for enhanced projection options.

The heat production was the area of main concern when manufacturing the projector. Sony included a small fan that particularly has low noise levels into the projector to keep the projector cool while working for long hours. When watching a movie, the noise is negligible. There is IntelliBright technology on board which optimizes brightness according to the battery life. The projector has a dynamic mode which pumps up the contrast and saturation of the picture. The projector is also able to adjust the picture if the surface on which the image is being viewed upon is not flat. The projector’s keystone adjustments help in ironing out the odd lean from uneven surfaces.

The projector needs 12 feet of space to project the whole screen. This is simply amazing given the small package of the gadget. The resolution of the picture is 854 by 480. Sony’s projector is eligible to be used outdoors with a ANSI lumen rating of 105. Sony MP-CD1 gives up to 2 hours of playback before needing a charge. The device has an audio jack for connecting your speakers. An HDMI port is sold separately for wireless connectivity.

This is an amazing projector. We are yet to see consumer response. For now, it seems like an ambitious product.

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