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Sony Xperia XZ Pro is all set to be announced at MWC 2018. The flagship phone will feature a 4K OLED screen. This is the first time we are going to see a 4K OLED display on a phone. Sony was the first brand to bring 4K screens to smartphones and this time around they are taking their game up a notch. Right now the best displays are produced by Samsung and Apple. Sony and LG follow in on a close 3rd place.Sony Xperia XZ Pro will have narrow bezels as we have seen in late flagships of 2017. The display is set to support HDR as well. Sony is really putting its best foot forward with its latest smartphone.

Xperia line is also bringing fingerprint recognition to USA. Previously, US users had to activate it using a European firmware. This is also first time ever Sony smartphones will have an active fingerprint sensor on their phones in the US. US is the biggest market for high-end smartphones and Sony has lost out on a lot in the past due to its bad strategy for US market.

Xperia XZ Pro will have the latest Snapdragon 845 processor coupled with 6GB RAM. We will really like to see a new UI on Sony phones. Although, the current version is really snappy and has minimal overlay on stock Android but a new UI will be refreshing with the new hardware design.

The phone is expected to launch with Android Oreo 8.1 out-of-the-box. Base model of the phone will come with 64GB of storage going up to 128GB internal storage which will be expandable via microSDXC memory card. Battery gets a huge bump as well. The new battery will have a capacity of 3,420mAh.

At the rear, Xperia XZ Pro will be housing an 18MP snapper. We really don’t understand where Sony is going with their megapixel game. They have the highest megapixels currently on offer on a smartphone. Bringing it down to 18MP would mean that Sony would be increasing the pixel size. The second lens will be a 12MP lens and together these would produce the best pictures we will ever see taken by a smartphone. On the front, the phone will have a 12MP wide angle lens for selfies. There really needs to be a revolution in selfie cameras as they are the next big thing in smartphone photography.

The phone is all set to be revealed at MWC 2018. Let us know what you guys think about Sony’s upcoming smartphone.

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