Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S | The Beast Housing SD 845


Since the launch of iPhone X, all the major players of mobile world have started coming up with bezel-less phones but there is one player which had adopted this design language before Apple. Xiaomi Mi Mix was the first bezel-less phone and shook the world with its efforts.

Now Xiaomi is preparing a new phone with the world’s best processor. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S will be the first phone to feature Snapdragon 845 processor. Xiaomi is looking to announce the Mi Mix 2S before MWC 2018 beating rest of the flagships like Galaxy S9 and Sony Xperia XZ Pro to become the first phone to feature it. Bragging rights for becoming the first to use the most powerful SD processor is a huge deal in the mobile arena. With new processor, there are new features as well in the chipset that smartphone manufacturers present on stage being the first to introduce them to the world.

There is a lot to expect from Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S knowing Xiaomi will be pushing the boundaries. There might be new camera features, better battery life, improved gaming and new AI features. It is just a matter of time now, since the launch is just around the corner. Let us know what you guys think of the Mi Mix 2S.

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