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Cloud computing is the next big thing and gamers around the world can rejoice as Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform has proved just that. Nvidia exhibited yesteryear that it was possible to play PC titles on Macbook via their cloud gaming service GeForce Now.

The latency is so low that the experience feels as if you are gaming on your own computer.

The service has now launched for PCs too and it is the next big thing. Don’t seem like your cheap laptops will be going anywhere soon. The service can help you play the most demanding games on your cheap laptops as well. GeForce Now lets you tap into the power of an expensive gaming rig via internet. The games run on remote servers housing the great Nvidia GTX 1080Ti. We are sure the configuration would have more than enough RAM and processing power to play games at 60fps. GeForce Now shows how you are gaming on the powerful servers and streams it on your computer. The latency is so low that the experience feels as if you are gaming on your own computer.

The basic requirement for GeForce Now is an i3 processor with 4GB RAM and intel HD 2000 or GeForce 600 series processor. The internet speed advised it 50Mbps but you will be able to play it on 25Mbps as well.

GeForce Now supports all the games on Steam, Blizzard’s and Ubisoft’s Uplay. There are many games that don’t work right now but Nvidia is saying that they are working on the titles. We would like a finished product that doesn’t spoil our gaming experience.

The future of gaming lies in providing it as a cloud service. It is only a matter of time when we will see Sony and Microsoft moving towards cloud gaming. The next console might be the last hurrah of the physical console that decorates our living room.

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