Intel’s Vaunt | Smartphones Might Be Thing Of The Past


Smart glasses never really took the flight which was expected of them until now. Intel has just announced its version of smart glasses and it is turning up to be the next big thing. Gone are those days when you had to look like a cyborg in order to enjoy the best technology had to offer.

Intel’s new smart glasses called Vaunt use a simple plastic fame without any added extras. There is no camera on board to increase the size or violate anyone’s privacy. There is just necessary tech in the sidearms of glasses to get basic tasks completed. The first iteration is expected to be like this. After doing well with the basics the product would evolve and cater to other unexplored areas.

Intel’s Vaunt do not hinder your visual experience. They project images on the glass through laser projectors and are designed to get the necessary work done. The tech industry is finding the next big thing after the boom of smartphones for the mass market. Intel’s Vaunt will certainly not be a flop project given implementation is done right.

The image is projected on to the lens, which is coated by a special layer that reflects the image on to your retina. Images are projected on the bottom of the glass and when you look away, the images disappear. Lasers used to project images on the glass lens. The lasers are so low powered that Intel claims they don’t need any certification.

Vaunt can be used on prescription glasses, non-prescription glasses and sunglasses as well. Intel says, later models will come with microphone in order to implement digital assistants like Alexa and Siri. For now the display is monochrome and the glasses come equipped with Bluetooth, compass, laser projector and accelerometer. You can receive notifications from the phone on your glasses as well but not interact with them.

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