Snapchat’s Newest Addition Will Make You Go Crazy For The App


Snapchat has been the fastest growing social media platform in the recent past. They have been influential enough that the likes of Instagram and Facebook have started copying all their features. That hasn’t stopped Snapchat from launching new features. Snapchat has just teamed up with Giphy to make it possible for its users to post GIFs in their Snap stories.  Recently, there has been a lot of criticism on Snapchat for changing its overall layout. This is step in the right direction.

Instagram was first to implement GIFs in direct messages and its stories. Moreover, Giphy was providing this service on Instagram. Now Giphy will be providing this service for its rival as well. This is a “me too” product for Snapchat. The new feature is a value addition to an already great app.

As history tells us, Facebook and Instagram have been copying Snapchat’s features. Now Snapchat has made the same move. The bad part about the move is that Snapchat is not doing anything differently. It is the same implementation.

Let us know what you think about Snapchat’s move to keep its users from migrating.

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