Sony’s Breakthrough Image Sensor Might Change Photography Forever


In the world of imaging, no company has been able to beat Sony when it comes to innovation. Many of our digital cameras and almost 90% of all mobile phones use Sony imaging sensors. Carrying on the legacy, Sony has yet again come up with a brand new imaging sensor which is also a world’s first. The development comes as world’s first back-illumination sensor with global shutter.

This is the first time ever that a CMOS image sensor of over 1MP (1.46) has both, a global shutter and BSI (backside-illumination). A BSI sensor has it image capturing elements arranged in such a way that it captures more light. This translates into better low-light photography.

CMOS sensors were usually used with rolling shutters until now. Rolling shutter captures image from one point to another (usually from top to bottom) whereas global shutters capture multiple points of an image simultaneously. Hence global shutters are far superior than rolling shutters.

There is no news on when we might get to see this new sensor in a new consumer product but one thing is for sure that Sony is giving its best to stay ahead of its competition.

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